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Welcome to New Brighton SDA School

New Brighton SDA SchoolNew Brighton SDA School is a registered independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church since 1940. The School is under the Cape Conference which is part of the Southern African Union Conference which is under the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division. Though autonomous the New Brighton SDA School operates in conjunction with the Department of Education of Republic of South Africa. It is registered with the Eastern Cape Department of Education and Umalusi as an Independent School. Accredited by Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training – accreditation number 18 SCH01 00489. New Brighton SDA School is an English medium school starting with grade R through to grade 7. The school admits children regardless of their colour, race, religion, or sex.

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New Brighton Adventist Primary School endeavours to create a loving and caring environment which caters for the holistic growth of the child, while fostering a redemptive relationship between the child and Jesus Christ.



New Brighton Adventist Primary School is dedicated to creating a world class Adventist institution.

The School’s Philosophy of Education

Today schools may be established in order that children received education so as to be employed.  And yet some schools may be established as a business enterprise.  At New Brighton SDA School we believe that is too narrow and too low a view or aim of education.  We believe education “is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers… Every human being, created in the image of God, is endowed with a power akin to that of the Creator- individuality, power to think and to do.

The men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities, who are leaders in enterprise, and who influence character.  It is the work of true education to develop this power, to train the youth to be thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thought… True education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary acquirements; but above information it values power; above power; goodness; above intellectual acquirements, character.  The world does not so much need men of great intellect as of noble character.

It needs men in whom ability is controlled by steadfast principle”.  With such a philosophy it is the aim of New Brighton SDA School to produce learners who are “strong to think and to act, who are masters and not slaves of circumstances, who possess breadth of mind, clearness of thought, and the courage of their convictions”.